Homoeopathy for Asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease causing difficulty in breathing. It is usually connected to an allergic reaction.

Homoeopathy is very effective for asthma and can cure asthma permanently. Patients usually begin with homoeopathy after they have been fed up with prolonged use of inhalers and steroids. Earlier you begin with homoeopathy treatment, immediate are the results.

Homoeopathy helps you to get rid of your inhalers and steroids even if you have been using them for decades. It is often seen & medically proved that suppression of eczema with conventional medicines does not cure the disease or sensitivity of the person but drives it inwards leading to asthma. Homoeopathy helps to cure both simultaneously.

Homoeopathy can be taken along with conventional medicines. Automatically the need for steroids and inhalers will gradually reduce and stop.

Homoeopathy is prepared from natural substances and is absolutely safe. It helps to balance the immune system which becomes over reactive in asthma.

Homoeopathy prescription takes into account not only medical history but family history,past history, physical & psychological characteristics of the patient. This helps to find the cause, precipitating factors and hereditary tendencies.

Homoeopathy is non habit forming. Once the patient is cured even homoeopathy medicines are stopped.