Stay Healthy This Monsoon!


  1. Eat fruits like apples, pomegranates, lime fruits, bananas etc. which can keep your body strong.
  2. Boil your drinking water before consuming it.
  3. Consuming bitter vegetables like bitter gourd and herbs like neem help in preventing infections.
  4. Consume herbal tea at regular intervals as it has anti-bacterial properties.
  5. To increase your immunity, add garlic in your diet, especially in soups.
  6. If you get wet, take shower immediately.
  7. Keep your house clean and pest-free.
  8. To stay healthy and fit, do exercises regularly.
  9. Increase your intake of vitamin C to help build resistance against infections and diseases.
  10. Dry your feet when they get wet.


  1. Do not enter an air-conditioned room with wet hair and damp clothes as this can lead to a viral fever or cold and cough.
  2. Keep children away from playing in the rain and rainy water.
  3. Asthma or diabetic patients should not stay close to wet or damp walls as it leads to the growth of fungus and can be especially harmful.
    Don’t touch your face with your dirty hands as there is every chance of the flu virus to enter through the eyes, nose and mouth.
  4. Avoid oily and spicy food. Also avoid heavy salty food as it can reduce water retention and increase blood pressure. This is also to be avoided for preventing skin allergies.
  5. Avoid as much as possible street food, fast food and the snacks from the roadside stalls, as these are the real cause of gastro intestinal problems.
  6. Avoid fish and meat as much as possible. The monsoon season is the best time for breeding for fish and hence fish should be avoided as it can cause stomach infection.