Thinking of Crash Diets to Cut Belly Fat ? Think Again!

Crash diet does provide a quick weight loss solution in a short span of time but they are actually a very bad idea, for several important reasons.

5 Reasons Why Crash Dieting Is Not a Good Option!

  1. It can weaken your immune system due to depriving yourself of essential minerals and vitamins.
  2. It can slow your metabolism and also lead to deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.
  3. Due to the reduction of vitamins and nutrients taken in while doing a crash diet, your body is unable to produce energy, leaving you feeling tired.
  4. A crash diet can cause tummy problems and also disturb your bowel movements.
  5. Prolonged crashed dieting can lead to side effects like nausea, bad breath, gall stones, etc and since it does lack nutrients it can damage your hair and skin quality.

Rather than putting yourself under the pressure of a crash diet, try to give yourself more time with regular realistic weight loss goals by eating healthy like eating more fruits and vegetables, choose complex, lean protein and low-fat dairy, stay physically active and avoid aerated drinks, alcoholic beverages, limit salt intake, avoid sugary and processed food, etc.

If you’re serious about your health then think of healthy long-term lifestyle choices based on your medical condition if any and not on short-term restrictive diets.

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